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my friend who shoplifts told me he lifted from 1 store(lets call the store X) a packet of sausages and a Lindt chocolate bar; neither have anti-theft tags on them.

When he left the shop no sensors went off, yet a few minutes later he went to another X store in a near-by location, while still carrying the same bag he only lifted a packet of chewing gum and the sensors went off.

fortunately nobody stopped him.

he then went to another 'X store' in a further location, only lifting a toothbrush(non-electric but a regular Colgate toothbrush with no anti-theft tag on it) and the sensors went off again when he left that store.

So do you have any idea what could have triggered the sensors since nothing appears to have had anti-theft tags on? the items: a packet of sausages(with no anti-theft marking on it), a Lindt cholate bar, Extra chewing gum, a toothbrush with no anti-theft marking or tag on it.

thank you



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theremedyman wrote

I would carefully dissect the entire package on each item paying close attention to the packaging to discover something built into the packaging paper.


veuzi wrote (edited )

No idea which one of those items could've set off the towers, none of those items are particularily high value. But I do know that passive tags can be made very small and flat, and can be possibly concealed to look like it's part of the packaging.

In that case it usually looks like an incospicuous sticker. I knew some gutter punks who would collect them and stick them to their pants so that the towers went off every time they went to the store, whether they were lifting or not.

Those stickers are often left on beer cans, so I've had the towers go off while carrying a bag of empties for recycling on at least one occasion. The last time that happened I had unopened cans of beers in my pockets, so I had to awkwardly explain that I brought them in. The shopkeeper tested it and confirmed himself that it was the bag of empties and not my pocket beers that were setting the shit off. And sure enough, when I put the cans into the recycling machine I saw that two cans had those little RFID stickers, disguised to look like part of the barcode.