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so i have no idea if this is a good or a bad idea (but more like, bad as in it likely wont go the right way not as in high risk or anything)

after reading a short discussion about thing LP can and cannot do if they suspect you are lifting this idea came into my head and i just had to create an account so i could ask and see what others think about it

so im wondering if like its at all possible that getting LP (plain clothes or not) to tail you by acting suspicious as fuck just generally lookin like youre lookin around for shit to grab, dressed in a questionable fashion and carrying a bag that has a large capacity yet mostly is just empty (hell you could even carry shit in just useless shit in your pockets or something, so youll have shit to actually be putting in it that isnt stolen), just generally looking out of place, going as far as to put on an act: picking up shit, looking around for cameras, pretending like youre concealing shit but doing it in an obvious way, but not so obvious as to make it look like its on purpose. anyways yeah, you get them to follow you or at least get their attention tuned to you, exclusively. this is when you would make your sudden attempt at an exit, again, youll wanna be (nervously and almost guiltily) looking around for/at the cameras, trying your best to seem visibly distressed and like youre in a massive hurry, etc. at which point, youd obviously be confronted, if successful, by various LP and/or other employees. theyd ask whats in your bag yada yada etc, be as UNCOOPERATIVE as you can possibly be: you want to put up an act of a "difficult" "obnoxious" "liar" of a "thief". you want to provoke them and have them become irritated (and inclined to bag you as a lifter at any cost.) eventually, you stop putting up a fight and just let them look at your bag. incredibly (to those fuckin idiots), and much to their surprise, your bags contents do not include a single item that would or could have originated from their store. after that, just ask "can i leave now"and of course at that point youd (most likely id think) be "let go of", "released" from pseudo custody

what my question is, is would you possibly be able to sue either the LP or the store as an entity, for ANY reason whatsoever? i mean i would hope so but knowing how the law works in the US, i wouldnt be too confident that this whole thing would end up in any kind of way that would benefit you and hurt them, financially, legally, or both

what have i overlooked here? or maybe some of you guys have actual experience with LP that goes beyond the basic (and minimum 1-2 encounters that almost every lifter has had with these fuckin psychos). so i just really wanted to get some feedback on this idea here and see if anyone thinks it sounds good or maybe has done something similar or had a friend or something that has tried something like this?




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lettuceLeafer wrote

One being asked to open your bad isn't a crime. Plus even if u were a victim u would most certainly loose against a corporation. Even if u did when lawyers are expensive and u would prob make shit money.


dontmakemethinkofaname wrote (edited )

Sounds like the footage they'd have you would be pretty damning. If security thinks you're stealing, anyone else who sees it would probably think the same. I think you'd have to get lucky and get a hot head security guard who roughs you up over it or does something wrong like that.


theremedyman wrote

You'd want to get assaulted on camera and you're up against an army of lawyers. But yeah, done right it could work


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Another idea that popped into my head: clean yourself up, get off your cell-phone-paid-for-with-welfare-money, and get a job. You're nowhere near as important as you think, and if you're gonna lift successfully, the last thing you want is to draw LP's attention to yourself.

Could you hurt them financially or legally? No, YOU couldn't. It takes a lot more than your wandering imagination and self-righteousness.


flingwingin wrote

"stop being poor and having an imagination!"

- coming to you from the proletarian integrity secret police


fffffffff39 OP wrote (edited )

for example (as a thing any reasonable person should be very angry at) something like 10% of kroger employees are literally like homeless and like a third either dont get enough or drastically do not get enough food. as they work at a mf grocery store. so idk dude id say: go be mad at that instead of an entirely hypothetical idea i wrote up on here late at night and just letting my mind wander.

just a really weird response to quite honest with you fam.


fffffffff39 OP wrote (edited )

lol. well first of all without revealing identifiable information. im self employed. but due to everyone being broke as fuck right now due to this countries' governments' greediness, i unfortunately do not make nearly enough as i need to to sustain myself and i am an extremely frugal person. not sure whats wrong with welfare but im not on it anyway but thats besides the point. who cares if someone is on welfare. sounds like chud shit tbh

anyway your reading comprehension is utter shit as i said nowhere in this post anything about "lifting successfully". i was asking about sueing an overzealous LP and putting on the act of lifting not actually doing so though there is nothing wrong at all with lifting anyway because these companies steal from a) their employees first and foremost and b) from the cheap exploited labor overseas where their products are most often made because theyd prefer that to paying people here a living wage.

i dont really see how my question was self righteous. i am just personally sick of seeing all these innocent people fucked over out here and, were i successful in any kind of attempt to do something like this, id probably use somewhere in the range of 50-75% of whatever i gained, net (so minus court and lawyer and etc fees), as money put towards bail funds, groups that feed homeless people, mutual aid organizations etc. youre getting angry at the wrong person pal. if you see something wrong with what im suggesting here, then why are you even browsing this board in the first place.