Submitted by DrGerard in axolotl

Hi everyone. Someone who can provide a process to wash the money from a PayPal account purchased in the DarkNet and transfer it to my normal account without leaving a trace of suspicion?

I have thought about passing it into an anonymous bitcoin wallet and then again to the clean account of PP but then the Bitcoins account would continue to show a trace. Any ideas? Thanks guys.



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moonlune wrote

do that but with monero instead of bitcoin


moonlune wrote

It's meant to be fungible, contrary to Bitcoin, whose history can be traced back somewhat.

Bitcoin can however be made fungible by using a "mixer" between each transaction. Monero has mixers built-in.


theremedyman wrote

Keep your transactions under ten grand. And I don't mean 9,999 either bc that's called structuring. Over ten grand ticks more regulation. Multiple transactions of under ten grand will cause suspicion as well. Yes, Monero is superior to Bitcoin


flingwingin wrote

hey do u have this working? Also what they said about monero lol. Localmonero... many ppl accept paypal, some are openly for this purpose.

DM me please though if you can use paypal logs cause ive had only trouble with them because of 2fa