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Howdy ya'll. Here is a story about trusting your guts.

Was at wally world. Snow storm came in so most placed were closed. Grabbed a cart, grabbed some food, and headed to the restroom (to actually use it lmao). Place was deserted but I had a big jacket and was pocketing some cheese.

Place was closing a bit early, but I only knew that after I heard on the PA. So I had about 30 mins. I conceal the cheese in 2 different aisles and headed off. Then out of the corner out of my eye, I saw this guy.

He wasn't tailing me at first but, as I walked past him he stated heading in my direction. And then he stopped at the corner where the aisle meets where the register aisle was.

I duck into an open aisle, and quickly take the stuff out of my pockets, out of view of the camera and cashier, and wait for my turn. Now while waiting, I thought back on what happened and why that freaked me out so bad. Then I thought about it.

This dude was wearing a flannel, while there is a snow storm outside, staring at his phone, in the middle aisle, while there is 30 mins left in the store. Ain't no way that man wasn't plain clothes.

Anyhow, always trust your guts bros. Some nerves are gonna happen, and that is good to keep you from fucking up. But if you are freaked the fuck out, better to live to lift another day friends.

Say safe out there, cheers.



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granite wrote

Nobody ever just tried hidding until the store closes to the public. Then wearing Walmart uniform and just walk out the back door anything you like?


FederalBootyInspector wrote

Something similar happened to me the other week. Made a post about it since it ended up being a bit long for a comment lol.