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I’ve cased out more than a dozen locations of a certain retail chain in my city and plan to do a one day walkout run on all the locations and amass +$10k of merchandise when all is said and done. My thinking is that this will prevent the stores for communicating in time to alert them of my presence and I am fine with burning all of these locations. Is this a bit too ambitious?



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theremedyman wrote (edited )

Starting watching for different behavior in their response every time you go back. That will tell you bc I think they will call especially if there's 3 in a row and it depends on their camera system and whether it's watched by the same guys in corporate ? I believe 3 is pushing it. I'm not saying don't do it. I'm saying be watchful. But that's just me


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Amass $10K in merchandise? ?

Where would you find the clientele to buy that? Are you part of some boosting network with fencing sources? If so, then yea that would explain your effort.

So far I've only lifted for personal consumption, but I've often thought of lifting some of the same stuff to sell privately (example: if i could lift an electric shaver for myself, why can't i lift more of them and sell to people face to face?) Problem with this is i'd have to meet strangers to sell to, after advertising the item on craigslist or kijiji, and i'm not comfortable with that. Strangers can mean trouble, plus if I constantly advertise online i could be made by cops. So I ditched the whole idea.


staticprevails OP wrote

Selling on Amazon


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

Hey, I sent u a private message, don't know if u got it.

I've been thinking about selling on Amazon but Amazon wants my full name, bank account, credit card to charge its fees to, and a tax ID number. If I'm going to expose my real identity that way I wanna be sure it doesn't come back to bite me.

If I'm only gonna open an individual seller's account, wouldn't someone at Amazon get curious about where an individual is getting, say, 1K of merchandise in one month? If Amazon reports my account for suspicious activity, won't I have to explain where the merch is coming from? I mean, one electric shaver in my possession I can explain away as an unwanted Christmas present, but a dozen?


chris2c wrote

I don't think it will look suspicious...have you seen some of the Amazon stores? Or looked at what individuals are selling? It's just random stuff somtimes


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

Random second hand stuff is one thing, brand new merchandise is quite another. I can lift used textbooks from university campuses and put them on Amzon, but where's an INDIVIDUAL getting brand new appliances and household items if that person is not authorized retailer?

It can't be that simple. I don't think Amzon has made itself the fence of stolen loot. Whoever owns Amzon has to have thought of a defense to that charge. I'm pretty sure there are safeguards in place to work around. I just haven't found them yet.


Grey5 wrote

Also be aware of the new 1099 law regarding sales over $600. I haven't sold in a while so not up to date of the ins and outs.... but someone making thousands in sales with no "job" might raise a few eyebrows.

Independent stores sometimes work better depending on the item and what and how much you need to move. Those places don't keep really good records either. If there's a deal to be made and they can make a few dollars as well, they don't really care.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

Amazon might know how much I'll make in sales, but they won't have a way of knowing whether I have a regular "job". Nor would anyone else who would be in a position to investigate.

What WOULD look suspicious is someone with an INDIVIDUAL account selling multiple items of the same kind, without proof of being an authorized seller/dealer/owner. Stands to reason it would lead to suspicion of sourcing goods from theft.

Best way is to open a BUSINESS account, but I haven't checked what Amzon's requirements for THAT type of acct would be.


flingwingin wrote

no lol, good luck o7

stream yourself and post it on gdq

(tho also, make sure ur able to do it... idk what transport u have but if its a car have space in it for everything, if its bike or feet watch out for being tired and slow, u know all that)