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megusta wrote

I wouldn't touch electronics like that but it really comes down to being confident. Walk at a slightly busy pace and try to time it correctly. Practice meditation to help control your emotions and you would be surprised what you can walk out with.


TasselhoffBurrfoot wrote

By being ballsy, confident and remembering that high risk = high reward.


thekraken wrote

Act like you belong and most people just unconsciously go along with it.


WeeBigTristan wrote

Well I don't think PCs or xboxes are usually that heavy. TV are generally heavier but shouldn't be too hard to lift. You just gotta eat your vegetables.


Humbcaught wrote

The only employees who will ever stop you are LP teenage cashiers aren’t allowed and probably don’t want to, not to mention they have to stop you after you pass the last point of sale (checkout) and before you exit the door, a very narrow window. Essentially they’d have to know what you were going to do before you did it in order to stop you so unless you do it frequently or multiple times it’s pretty much guaranteed. They can still catch you though I got caught yesterday between the checkout and exit.