Submitted by BlackPepperBandit in axolotl

tonight is my last night at Target. i have access to the keys that unlock the tech aisle in the back of the store. i am closing which means less people, no AP.

can anybody please give me some pointers so i can go in there and John Dillinger this shit?

don’t try to talk me out of it. i’m aware of the consequences and my mind is made up.



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flingwingin wrote

fam please don't do this, copy the keys and wait for a bit or you're the first person everyone is going to think of

also though, if you think you can get away with it, do you have access to any other keys? for normal keys, a picture is good enough to make a copy, with tubular ones idk about that, but might as well try... if you have a tiered key system i'd try and find the longest key... it will open all the stuff that that kind of key opens, likely (or at least the front and other important things)

if you steal shit on shift and you're the only one there, then you're caught. if you break in, you'll probably set off alarms, and you already gotta know about all that shit so asking here won't get you where you need to be


BlackPepperBandit OP wrote

everything went according to plan.

i signed out baler keys that just so happened to have elec. keys. i am not in tech. but i had to put some go backs away that needed to be locked up. i took the keys that didn’t have a number associated with them, and signed my name to a completely different set of keys. i also did not return the keys that i never signed out, because i never signed them out wink wink. i left them on a cart. the keys i signed my name to never left the lockbox… i got some brand new apple airpods and a pack of lighters for good measure. exited through the drive up door, and had a different license plate on the entire time i was parked in the work parking lot.

OP is victorious.


flingwingin wrote

It doesnt really matter that you had diff plates if they hired you and knew your name and face and everything already. Anyways i hope they dont come after you. Sounds pretty low dollar. Hope it was worth it and you dont get a knock on your door later, cause they have all the evidence they need to charge you.