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Dumb gf broke my 75" TV.. What is a good strategy for getting a new one?

I am not sure what the big box stores procedures are for electronics, but any time I've bought an item, they get it out of the back of the store, while you wait in electronics and pay then. I guess I could do a couple trial runs to learn the procedures, then have my card decline last minute to get out of the sale.

I was thinking if I know what the box's barcode for the TV looks like, I could print a sticker of a cheaper model and put it in place of that

I also know that ppl do walk outs with TV's but unless I have a phony receipt, I don't think I have the balls for this. Someone who isn't me passed $10k in theft, but I admit I don't have the balls like the people who walk the fuck out. Walmart and best buy seem to have security out the ass

Please let me know! The best I could do is find a cheap TV on display (a 55") where they have 10 boxes of them, then replace the barcode with one from a smaller one

I could forge a receipt for one, grab it, then walk out

A last ditch effort is ordering one from Amazon and doing a DNA, but this is a pussy move IMO

Let me know if you have any strategies




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clonazepam OP wrote (edited )

Can you tell me more? I see the Walmarts have private security with guns and shit in my area..

Do the greeters actually read the receipts?

I keep a 40 on me and my buddy (more balls than me) would aim a stun gun at security if they followed him out


tuesday wrote

No advice but maybe don't call your partner names that demean them though?


JustinJohnson wrote

I'd suggest either steal a TV that cheap enough to risk stealing, or give up on watching TV and find something else to do. It's all programming anyway which is a load of crap.