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Broke college student here, over the past few months I've been driving around the area of my college, within a 50 mile radius to lift tons of alcohol from CVS since I'm not of legal age. The problem is, I've been doing it so much that I've hit each store like 6 times each now, with there being about 10 stores total that I routinely frequent. Is there a chance that each store could be case building me or even communicating with each other to get more information on my activities? Are there any precautions I should take going forward, such as thoroughly scanning the parking lot for cops before entering, etc.?



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seriouslyunserious wrote

you are on borrowed time hitting the same stores, for the same things, repeatedly my friend. stop while you can and travel further out or find some other places to lift from.


TasselhoffBurrfoot wrote

CVS has shit security/LP but this is still risky and routinely lifting at the same place over and over is setting yourself up for failure.


dontmakemethinkofaname wrote

Have different outfits and keep track of where you've worn them all. Different hats, different glasses, if you don't require glasses it's even better. Are you wearing a mask?

How long do you spend inside the store each time? You definitely want to be in and out, so if they do recognise you and call the cops you'll be gone before they get there, assuming loss prevention doesn't physically stop you. Cops in this area probably couldn't be bothered to show up for something like this currently, too busy dealing with the drug overdoses and mental health problems.

Obviously though you should slow down, or stop for a while, it'll catch up with you eventually hitting these same stores. You should go to a new area and hit up as many as you can in a big sweep, then don't go back for a long while. Though you'd have the risk of having a car loaded up with stolen shit.