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Went to a big chain city supermarket at 8am.. I pocketed 2 small coffee packets, 1 chocolate bar & a small packet of almonds.. after concealment of these, I purchased 4 litres of milk.. The receipt checker at the exit checked my I was walking away from her, she made a sound asking me to come back towards her... I realized that I had become a suspect.. I ran away from the store carrying the 4 litres of milk in a bag and the concealed items..

I was being chased by the uniformed store thug.. I was able to run about 100 metres..The store thug was shouting at people to catch me...I was running past an old strong looking man..He started to chase me..I fell down on the main road out of exhaustion.. The old guy hit me on the side of my face.. By then the store thug also had reached me..Public were watching me and it became a spectacle... I was dragged back into the store..

I was searched and concealed items were retrieved by store...The plainclothes lp inside the store snatched about 13 dollars from my front shirt pocket.. I was hit hard on my back 5 times by store thugs..

I was then taken to the back office.. I had to wait for the police constable...a big large daunting thug...he slapped me across my face & scratched the center of my nose which started bleeding..

I was unceremoniously dragged out of the store & was made to sit behind the motorcycle of the police thug... After he started the bike, I pleaded with him to go to an atm..He did that..I.withdrew & gave the police 29 dollars..he threatened me again..then told me to go away..

So total loss for me...13+ 29+ 4 (milk paid for)= 46 dollars

+ve thing : No formal police record

-ve thing: slaps & hits received by me & loss of 46 dollars

This happened in a 3rd world city, not the us...



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TalkAme wrote

Is this actually real? Or are you just fucking with us


lettuceLeafer wrote

Nah, some undeveloped countries can be pretty messed up. The idea that some people get beat up for shoplifting and that police will attack you to get bribes is legit. Not sure if this poster is real tho.

I mean I rencently saw a modern video of a shoplifter in handcuffs being taken to jail by the police and then a bunch of shopkeepers pushed past the police so they could beat the shit out of the their while they were in handcuffs.


utimas_1 OP wrote (edited )

this is a true & factual description...of the horror show..that took place yesterday.. I consider myself lucky...that the brutes didn't kick me into unconsciousness...or break my bones..