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Demona wrote

There aren’t people or cameras close enough to see you doing that?


hunger wrote

i see lots of ppl around in sweats, hoodie, beanie, and face mask

it makes identification pretty impossible (except for very hd cameras, if cops want to put the time in to match up your eyes only with the faces they have access too... probably not a big risk. Though if youre gonna rob a bank or blow something up its something to think about)

probably can just do it and leave, unless there's security right there watching you do it it'll take a minute for them to even catch on from snitches reporting it or seeing it on camera. ill try this shit n tell you how it goes....


Tesal67 wrote

Did you try it ???!!


flingwingin wrote (edited )

i checked out the mall but it has puck locks with weird cores for them, same with the vending machines actually, except one with expensive products. Anyways its very different system and also it has a card reader thing so idk how many ppl actually use cash :(

so no


dontmakemethinkofaname wrote

To add to this you could probably play a bit of dress up and look like you're maintenance and people wouldn't think twice about it.


theremedyman wrote

Sounds like stealing from a person. Idk. Not my game. I won't steal from mom & pop. Big chains, banks is my only MO