Submitted by Snotboogy in axolotl

Looking at different ideas for these bs damn near $20 tolls. I would sometimes pull over 5 minutes before bridge and smear mud and then take it off after crossing, i was looking at some of those so called license plate protectors but theyre super obvious and you’re constantly getting pulled over for them.



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flingwingin wrote

there's a decent thread on this on NIS

Does the mud thing not work? It seems like a good idea to me idk and if it worked...


Snotboogy OP wrote

Its worked ok for me but just was looking for anything else out there because if i happen to cross while an officer behind me or they have officers walking the toll booths like theyre known to do, then its a hard sell that my clean luxury car thats def not a jeep that goes mudding, only has mud by the plates.


theremedyman wrote

I get that. But if you're fastidious about your car then wipe it down after the tolls?


theremedyman wrote (edited )

Polorizing plastic over the plate? Privacy screen is similar if not the exact same. But idk how obvious it is so idk if its a you're gonna be im a getting pulled over so as not to be tracked kinda deal.


MadameLift wrote

This is the method people did to avoid red light/speeding camera tickets. But this was years ago. So I’m not sure if it still works.


theremedyman wrote

For tracking anyways having your car in the name of an LLC probably serves you best. Its separates your name from the car. That's a good thing