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Fool wrote

Step 1 :- walk across border
Step 2 :- border is actually ocean
Step 3 :- become Messiah
Step 4 :- ?
Step 5 :- Prophet!

Sorry, I can't actually help.


Styx wrote (edited )

That depends on the country and your nationality. You can always cross borders on your foot. But what usually happens is that people overstay their visas -- they enter 'legally' and never leave.

The vast majority of countries in this world allow you to visit them on tourist visas, which are easy to get and relatively cheap. Alternatively, your country and the destination country might have a visa-free contact, so you don't have to bother with papers. But in both cases, your stay is limited to a certain period (usually 1-3 months). Once that period runs out and you don't leave the country, you become an illegal alien.


Loli_nee OP wrote

And there's a way to do it without visa and papers or something?


Styx wrote

You do not always need visa, this depends on your nationality and the country you want to move in. But you do need a passport, or some national ID card, to cross borders legally.

If you are serious about this, I encourage you to consider this option: the 'legal' entry. It's much safer than using smugglers, or crossing on your own, and you have a higher chance of getting into the desired destination. It is also cheaper to get a passport and a flight/bus ticket than to pay off smugglers.


theremedyman wrote (edited )

It helps if you know natives preferably they're family. Six years ago the route I took into Laos was by raft on the Mekong. But I had a passport. And they did everything. So I was in and out. To stay would have involved different procedures.


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

It really depends on your circumstance. If you have plenty of money it's fairly easy. Though most people migrate cuz they don't have cash. You'll have to give more details if you want anything close to useful advice. What country r u in, how much money do u have saved, how much do you wake, skills u know, what country r u moving to, why r u fleeing your country, race, languages u know, what r u trying to gain by migrating illegally?

From my experience migrants are often better off if they stay in their original countries. Not in every case but usually the most desperate have more tools to survive if they don't become a criminal migrant or a refugee and stay where they are. Migration and becoming a refugee often requires people in the countries to flee to for a small percentage of the population to help. Which is often not the case.