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So I was able to hit Macys and Kohls for 5 Lego Robot build kits retail $360...and hit Wal-Mart for 10 pair of eyeglass frames for retail $200. Walmart was after midnight with a closed Optometry dept right by the exit. First time I ever took a $15 booth at the flea market and sold everything in less than 2 hours. 300 for each Lego and 100 for each designer frame. 2,500 hundred minus booth fee and credit card fees. On a side note the black girl next to me made an absolute mint selling over the counter meds hygene baby formula etc. Must say doesn't come close to my friend doing ewhoring and extortion on the net a bad week for her is 5 or 6k and she complai s about that much



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oflodur wrote

go to any mall, look for the smartcar massage chairs. You can pry them open with a fat screwdriver and pull out the cashbox. Each one is an easy $500 cash.


oflodur wrote

inside malls, those massage chairs hold about $400 cash. You just pry one open with a small prybar and remove the money holder inside. most malls have at least 6 of them.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Sorry brother but I have great trouble believing your story, and that's putting it mildly. Bluntly: You're full of shit.

You lifted $360 worth of stuff from Macys and eyeglass frames from WM. Yea, right! And I'm Queen Kong. There's no way you'd get past Macys security and eyeglass frames are the most guided items in any store. There's WM stores I can't take a fart at without hearing them page for security in the aisles I visit. You might be confusing this forum with a place for fairy tales.

Before you even say it, nope this isn't jealousy at all. If you're going to believe anything from me, believe this: I would love to pull off what you claim you did, but I'm quite sure I know the odds and they just don't look so good.


TasselhoffBurrfoot wrote

I mean I used to lift Fossil bags every time I entered a Macys, concealing them in a large purse and ditching the tags like 3 or 4 at a time. They were prob building a case but I never got caught lol