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GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Sorry brother but I have great trouble believing your story, and that's putting it mildly. Bluntly: You're full of shit.

You lifted $360 worth of stuff from Macys and eyeglass frames from WM. Yea, right! And I'm Queen Kong. There's no way you'd get past Macys security and eyeglass frames are the most guided items in any store. There's WM stores I can't take a fart at without hearing them page for security in the aisles I visit. You might be confusing this forum with a place for fairy tales.

Before you even say it, nope this isn't jealousy at all. If you're going to believe anything from me, believe this: I would love to pull off what you claim you did, but I'm quite sure I know the odds and they just don't look so good.


TasselhoffBurrfoot wrote

I mean I used to lift Fossil bags every time I entered a Macys, concealing them in a large purse and ditching the tags like 3 or 4 at a time. They were prob building a case but I never got caught lol