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Humbling myself and asking for honest feedback. Been lifting for a year and a half and Never caught.

I got caught twice within a single weekend! Gonna explain the two times, what I think I did wrong, the throw myself at the mercy at the forum, because I need to work on my skills

  1. B3st buy.. I wanted a radar detector. I went to the back section, the guy had to open the cabinet. I told him I needed to check out a computer but I'm interested. As I got the radar detector package, he told me he's gotta hold it in at the desk. I say no problem then look at computers (not to steal I actually need one). I find a nice wireless gaming keyboard. I open it up to check it out. (I look like I'm looking at it but I'm also seeing if it's conceal able). There is disc shaped camera up high on the end of the aisle to my left.

I put it back in the box then walk back to the car audio corner. I pretend look at the radar detector area again. Then I get the keyboard and stuff it in my pants. I walk out. I notice a guy on an adjacent aisle walking ahead of me looking at me. Then a short runty dude comes out the same aisle, gets in front of me and says "I want my stuff back." I hand him the keyboard, while staring at the exit (always planning escape) and walk out. He says "Get outta my store"

-Analysis- the first guy (not runt) had the empty box. They must have been watching me to get it so soon. I'm under the impression that most places are too short staffed to watch cameras, and I still try to conceal when I'm close to the aisle away from the camera.

Also, I never look behind. I may have seen the guy if I had looked behind me. I was also high. I don't know if this affects my awareness, but I feel like I'd be extra vigant if I wasn't high and this would look suspicious.

A technique I used that helped me in the beginning is : Lean into things. Take one step further out of the aisle instead of hesitating. Walk a little closer to employees, don't have sheepish or delayed body language

  1. C v S.. This one is a shocker. I've got so much shit from there. I have a broken finger so I was looking for cast wraps.. I got a handful of stuff wraps then I stopped on one aisle and opened a box of alcohol swabs because I don't need the whole box. I stuck a few of them in my pocket and left the box there.

I look around, and the second after I stuff the bandage material into my wasteband, a red shirt manager rounds the corner and says "come on man, you stealing the stuff, I know where you work."

This was funny cause I'm wearing an old uniform from a place where I used to work. I love messing with ppl's perception of reality, but this was an accident.

Im high on perc 5's and not particularly shy so I ask if I can pay for the diet coke I had. When I say shit like this, I try to take control of the conversation. I will not let a middle manager lead me to the back to call cops. I botched this comment, cause it made it seem like I was gonna steal it, but I was gonna pay for the damn soda. I just hate how CVS marks the shit up on the their products and I wasn't sure if I've had the right stuff. I had to rewrap the cast all by myself


  1. Opening packets and taking them out of box.. I also preopened the package at b3st buy, maybe this looks suspicious and leaves a trace. But I wanna make sure they're no sensors inside. Maybe this isn't a bad idea to have the sensor go off at the door cause I've never seen anyone get chased after sound the door alarm. Kinda like a car alarm.

  2. Cameras. Again I try to avoid doing shit on camera, but sometimes this takes gymnastics to find a blind spot. I feel like avoiding cameras looks suspicious. I can walk and conceal shit in my wasteband

  3. Maybe he just saw me. Idk

  4. Drugs. I've been on benzos, percs lately. Been going through some personal shit. Maybe this makes me more ballsy but I still stuff shit in my waste when I am sober

The other thing I noticed, since I'd never been caught before is they want their shit back. Neither wanted to escalate and once I gave them their shit, they didn't escalate. That being said, I'm athletic and got a shot for getting out the front door

Please give me your feedback. I was gonna say be nice, but hit me with your ideas. Don't be nice. I've become a better dude since I've learned shoplifting and want to improve my craft. Thanks in advance



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Iamdoug wrote

My guess is that because you were high, LP may have noticed and decided to watch you. Then caught you borrowing stuff. It’s important not to tip them off with body language and behaviors and all that. If worked in LP and saw someone come into my store tweaking, I would make sure to monitor them.


TrashMcGarbage wrote

You stuffed a keyboard in your pants? I just have a hard time imagining that would conceal it very well. Maybe they just saw it. I'd go for an inside pocket on a big jacket, or putting it in a bag


Liftuplease wrote

I went to the local b buy on a legit mission to buy a printer. After I checked out with the printer I found I left my keys somewhere in the store. I went to customer service and asked if anyone had turned in a set of keys. They said no but we can look at the video and see where you went in the store. I said no that’s ok and found them myself. They also have those new saucer shaped cameras and I mean all over the place.