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veuzi wrote (edited )

If you're caught in the store and you don't run, police will most likely be called while you're being held by the store managers or security. And depending on the cops, whatever you stole and what evidence the guys in the store have (camera footage, finding the merchandise on you, your own admission, etc.), you'll get a warning or a fine on the spot. If you're really unlucky (or perhaps not white), you'll get arrested and have to spend at least one night in jail, but in the end you will be let off with a fine.

I don't know what sort of monetary limits where police would give more of a shit than not, that all depends on where you are. But at least where I am, you would have to steal for $200 or more for the police to even charge you with theft, and if you've only stolen groceries they're unlikely to get called at all.

The easiest way to avoid cops is to not get caught like that. If you hear LP shouting at you from behind you, then run. Once you're out of the store and out of sight they're not gonna do shit unless you show your face again soon enough for them to remember.


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veuzi wrote (edited )

But when should you run?

When they're running towards you. Though if you are close enough to the exit to get out with a fast-ish walking pace you might not even need to run, but the idea is to just get out and get out of sight.

And is there any risk of them contacting the police if/when you escape?

They might call the cops but the cops are not gonna do shit if the store managers can't serve you to them on a platter. They're just not gonna put much effort in tracking down a shoplifter if they have more important things to do. Just don't go back to the store you were caught in and you're good.

If you do get caught in store, what should you do?

As I said, walk or run towards the exit, then walk or run out of sight. If the merchandise is too heavy or bulky to take with you at that point then drop it and cut your losses.

If you stay, they're probably gonna try to make an example of you and use psychological scare tactics to discourage you from shoplifting again, up to and including getting the cops involved as I have already described.


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veuzi wrote (edited )

How far away should you park?

You'll want to park out of view from the front doors, so probably not in the parking lot at all unless you're confident about what you're doing. If there are cameras in the parking lot, then you should have scouted it and spotted all the cameras beforehand.

And if you escape from them after getting caught, how long should you wait to return?

Depends on the store. I'd give it at least 6 months in most cases, but for really large chains that have a lot of employee turnover you could maybe get away with 2-3 months (and of course, wear different clothes when you return). If you've been as unwise as to try lifting from a small hole-in-the-wall store run buy one guy and his family then you probably don't want to return there at all.


TasselhoffBurrfoot wrote

Doesn't it depend on the store/LP/dollar amount/how you're presenting when you get caught? The only time I got nabbed was at Target, for stupid stuff. That day it was for like $55 worth of stuff. They just trespassed me. I was polite to them, and despite having least thousands from other locations (in a different, nearby metropolis lol) they didn't even threaten to call the cops.

Someone on another local forum got caught at Target at another location in my current city, and reported that they called the cops over $75 worth of goods, so I think it just depends?