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raddle is pretty inactive, but it's been my only go to after reddit shut down /r/shoplifting. If anyone has any pointers to more active communities i'd be thankful! Especially if they're not exclusively US-centric. If you're worried about exposing said community in a comment I'd be happy to receive a DM as well.

Thanks a lot and happy lifting



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gums wrote

There's quite a few Discord servers, you can google and find them


utimas_1 wrote

there's not really any other open forums for ... any open insecure internet platforms...will have lp and law enforcement too...looking at those sites...


TasselhoffBurrfoot wrote

There's Tumblr blogs I think, but these are geared towards teenage girls bragging about their makeup hauls.


Takewhtucan wrote

Reddit does have a few subreddits that may or may not be useful to some. illegallifeprotips, myshoplifting, and shopliftingmemes. I did a quick search and came up with those, I don't know too much about them but it might be worth looking into.


frippa wrote

bumping because interested