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Suppose someone found CC info on the darkweb. They then created a brand new bitcoin wallet, and through a sketchy bitcoin vendor that doesn't require ID verification, used those CCs to buy some bitcoin. With the bitcoin in that wallet, they deposited it into a bitcoin casino, maybe played a few rounds of dice or whatever, then cashed out into a different wallet. Where do you think the possibility of being caught lies? Assuming this person is using a TOR browser, shouldn't the risk of being caught be rather low?

I'm looking for input on this idea as I am writing a book where my main character has a disdain for capitalism and has no desire to labour and generate profit for someone else or face starvation. This character I'm writing does not wish to harm any other working class people, so in doing this infinite money glitch, they want to make sure it is entirely ethical, where the only ones that suffer a loss are the credit card companies. When someones CC is stolen and used, all they need to do is report it to their bank and they will be let off the hook for all charges, correct? I just want to make sure because I want this book to be as realistic as possible and want to write my characters well.



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lettuceLeafer wrote

Unless in cases of disability or working class people who are far to busy to constantly scrutinize their credit card charges you will just be stealing from them. Sometimes it will take months for victims of CC fraud to get their money back. In cases of people living paycheck to paycheck this could make them miss their rent payment or be unable to buy food.

So no it won't hurt most people but it will hurt the most vulnerable people substantially.


Stigmata wrote

Seconding this; I know single mothers who have gone hungry because somebody stole their credit card and it took months of arguing with their bank to get it fixed and in that time it destroyed their credit score and just generally made them miserable.


Iamdoug wrote

Yeah Good luck with your book but I don’t have faith in this idea


didymus wrote (edited )

Every single BTC transaction is on the blockchain. There is absolutely no way to obfuscate transactions in this case. The BTC purchased with the CCs can be followed from wallet to wallet until the end of time and all it takes is crafty cross-referencing to figure out who is what. You need to cash out the BTC into a privacy coin with obfuscated transactions. If you don't believe me just Google "blockchain OSINT", as it's an entire field of OSINT people specialize in now. Many YouTube lectures on the subject. The only reason why people got away with the kind of thing you described in the past is because there weren't that many people with the skills. Now there are.


hunger wrote

This is a dumb idea. Your character would get caught in the real world (if anyone gave a shit or noticed) for a few reasons:

  1. always use cryptocurrency wallets over tor. Sometimes this is difficult to torify with torsocks, so go with whonix and you can expect no leaks and ease of use.
  2. BTC -> XMR -> cash out with localmonero. You could also change it back to BTC but there's no point in this day and age really...
  3. Additionally, host your own monero node (on whonix).

according to some recent boasting by a crypto transaction tracking company which helped take down some DNMs, about 60% of monero transactions can be tracked. But this in my view must just be that that number of people are using KYC or otherwise very watched/insecure/leaky platforms to do their transactions rather than doing it properly.

Also these days, BTC mixers do not really affect anything as far as tracking.

But, who knows where your character could even buy BTC with just c4H41/]4haf1`ChPt8?&Lc.... maybe you, I guess.

Also like others say, no you're not just defrauding banks. The people who own the cards may never get the money back. Banks suck, you know?


phjeong wrote (edited )

I know you are looking for realistic references, but it’s best that you fabricate a few elements to prevent potential readers from getting the wrong idea. If you don’t think that the method you just proposed will be feasible, then fabricate some sort of technology that would solve that one issue to make it feasible. As for gambling, opt for casino games if you want a constraint universe or go with esports betting if you want to someday explore the sporting industry as a story arc. For referen ce and infomation,