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So this is a story about how I didn’t listen to my guts, and how YOU should listen to your guts more than your head. I hope this story helps a few fellow lifters out there.

So pretty much I go to the mall and go to Dillards. My first fuck-up was that I didn’t have a plan on what I was going to take. I was just walking around like a clown looking at stuff.

I eventually settle on taking a few shirts and skirts. I went to the back of the store and ripped off the tags, and put them to my side. I decided to go to the bathroom which is where I will put the clothing in my book bag.

As soon as I get close to the bathroom I hear someone behind me call me. I look and see a lady who i’m guessing worked there. She wasn’t an LP or anything. Here’s how our conversation went

“excuse me, you wanna leave those items here since you didn’t pay for them yet?”

“I already paid for them.”

“They aren’t in a bag though.”

“I got rid of the bag. Sorry”

“You’re suppose to have a bag with your items. Security will stop you if you don’t.”

“Fine, i’ll leave them here and get a bag after I leave restroom.”

“Do you have a receipt?”

“Nah that was in the bag which I threw away.”

“ok, i’ll hold onto them until you come out.”


THATS A HUGE RED FLAG! Any NORMAL shoplifter would’ve exited the store immediately.

but me? No. I was determined to steal whatever shirts and skirts they had. I exit the restroom and i couldn’t find the lady anymore. My instinct told me to just leave the store, but I hesitantly kept thinking about that skirt, and how it would look so cute.

I ended up going back to the same skirt, taking it, and ripping off the tag once more.

At this point it felt like people were staring at me. That’s because they were. I must’ve looked sketchy asf walking around with the skirt in my hand and having shaky hands.

My guts and heart were hurting too bad at this point, and they were telling me to put it back and just walk out. It’s just a fucking skirt.

As soon as I was going too, I saw the fire exit. I look around and see nobody around me. “Fuck it, let’s do this!”

I run quickly out the fire door, which surprisingly didn’t set off any alarm. After feeling the fresh air hit my face, I felt all my adrenaline slowly decrease.

“She is exiting the fire door right now, at the west end”

I look behind me and see a fat guy with a walki-talki. My heart hit my chest so hard, and before I could even think about running, I see a hidden police car like 60 feet away from me flash it’s lights on.

“Oh my gooddddd” was literally my first words that came out 😂

At this point I was more annoyed that I got caught then scared or sad. I just dropped the skirt I had to the ground and raised my hands up.

The police officer pat me down and made me go back inside the store into the office room where they discussed what will happen next.

LUCKILY, thank GOD i only took that skirt. I also was a juvenile (16) so the cops couldn’t really do anything considering I only shoplifted something that costed $50. I was however banned from the mall for a year, and my mom had to pick me up which then I was grounded for a month.

Moral of the story: If you ever feel like you’re being set up or watched, trust that instinct please. I can’t believe I ignored my guts and just rolled with it.



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atusim wrote

As you've said above...that was REALLY a red flag..any experienced shoplifter would have promptly left the store empty handed.. but at did what you thought was best.. for me, ANY conversation with anybody that I didn't initiate while I am shoplifting a warning that I am under suspicion...


MadameLift wrote

Yeah, your age and the item value was your saving grace. I got busted at the mall when I was a teen, too. My dad had to pick me up. And I swear I was soooo embarrassed as I was otherwise a good kid. I also, stupidly brought in a book bag.

With age comes wisdom lol.

Carrying a book bag (unless you’re coming from school) is a red flag for LP. If you’re a woman, just bring in a sturdy purse. They are fashionable and to be expected.

It’s also hard to conceal in bathrooms. The only place this MIGHT work is Target. As I’ve heard a rumor if you conceal in the bathroom, they can’t apprehend.