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Went to a sporting goods store to cop a hoodie since it’s getting cold out. I found one I wanted, then walked around the store. I was able to remove the plastic magnetic tag with my hands, although I really need a magnet. Is it the S3 key I need?

Anyway, I find a vacant aisle and stuff the hoodie into my shorts. Holy hell this was way bigger than I imagined. As I am walking to another aisle to remove the hoodie and try a different plan, I pass an employee who looks at me and ask if I need help. I round the corner, but get the feeling he saw my gigantic bulge.

I briefly glance side to side, no people, I remove the hoodie from my shorts, then put it on while I fake look at baseball hoodies. I remove the new clothes sticker from the front, and hold it. I start walking away when a tall guy approaches me from behind.

He says, “I think you dropped something“, then asks “why were you looking at the ground over there?” referring to the baseball hoodie area. I look at him puzzled and say “I don’t know, why?” He says, “lots of people go over there and just look down. Last time someone dropped a bag of merchandise here.” I say “I dunno, let’s go over and look.”

There’s nothing on the floor. He says “I’ve seen you in here before.” I told him I’ve never been here before. This is true, I’ve never been to this part of town before. He then notices my hoodie and Says “where did you get this, we sell them here.” I say I got it at the store in “(same chain store in a different town)”. He says, “I was the manager there for 2 years, how come I never saw you?”

I respond “I think you’re confusing me with someone else” then show him part of my face under my mask. He does something with his phone, I give him the strangest look. He walks away and talks to the employees by the exit. I walk around the store, progressively heading toward the door. He is far enough away where I get a clean exit. I give him another weird look, then dip. He didn’t approach me again.

At least I got the hoodie.. won’t go back there anytime soon

My guess is the other employee saw my bulge and thought I had tucked merchandise, then ratted me out to the manager. I can’t figure out why he kept saying I was in here before, I had never been to that part of town before

I suppose the moral of this story is this is an item when concealing isn’t the best choice. Rather, I could’ve just put it on, bought a small item at the checkout, then walked out



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atusim wrote

Kudos..on getting the hoodie...couple of point's ...the real moral of your story... is to be instantly suspicious of uninitiated conversation with any store employee.. your guess about the bulge being spotted is correct...the same bulge spotting happened to my case it was protein powder packets... however I would have dumped the hoodie ..and walked away empty point in being fined or getting a record for a low value item...


dontmakemethinkofaname wrote (edited )

You hid a hoodie in your shorts? How fucking big are your shorts? Sounds like it would be super super obvious. IMO it sounds like he certainly knew what you were up to and was trying to scare you off, especially if they have a rule about not confronting shop lifters.

Certainly smart about not going back for a while after that, and about not going about the shorts stuffing method in the future.