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Soooo…my go-to place to lift from are 24 hour CVS’s and retail that stays open late. It’s usually less customers to deal with and a skeleton crew. Walgreens only has one remaining 24 hour store in my area. They closed the rest earlier.

The only kink in my plan was getting caught at one of my “regular” spots that just opened about 3 years ago. When I say that, I mean I lift around once a month from here. There is a boot licker who obviously caught onto me concealing. I also buy a lot from this store (not lifting every visit).

He was always suspicious like calling for non-existent security to scan the floor. But this time, he approached and asked to see what I put in my purse. I told him that I didn’t steal shit and to fuck off. He told me he saw me on camera. Which I think is bs because I heard him on the floor. And I know the blind spots in this store. I told him to show me the tape. I have a right to see the evidence if being accused. I then left. And he told me to not come back.

I know a cardinal rule is to lift and then chill on that location for 3-12 months. But there aren’t many options for me to have in rotation. What should I do? I know I need to switch up my times and locations. But should I ever at any point go back to this one? Ever?



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atusim wrote

As you had a face to confrontation with this person, he/she is unlikely to forget it...So it wouldn't be smart to enter the long as that person is employed at that store...You will have to considered it as a burnt store...and just go to some other stores instead...


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MadameLift OP wrote

After 3 years, he was still able to recognize me on sight. You think it’s best to just go at different hours?


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MadameLift OP wrote (edited )

Solid advice. There are too many other drug stores to lift from to dwell on this particular one.

I guess my ego is just bruised because that little fucker employed the element of surprise. And he’s been secretly watching me each trip.

If I absolutely need to go back I’ll come at a different time and wear a neck gaiter mask that covers half my face, glasses (I normally never wear glasses in stores) plus maybe even a bonnet on my head ghetto style to cover all of my hair lmao.

None of these things are unusual to see these days in public and it’s hard to distinguish a persons features.


dontmakemethinkofaname wrote

I don't think any advice is going to get much better than this. Don't go back anytime soon, it's not worth the risk, especially if you weren't masked.


theremedyman wrote

Find out his name. Call the store ahead of time and ask for him. If he's not on you're golden. Unless, he alerted other staff. So be alert