Submitted by Peaky in axolotl (edited )

I recently had the idea to rent a unit out at a non camera mini storage, pick the locks of other units, steal the valuable stuff, put it in my unit until I can get it moved out. I tried for the first time recently and opened 4 units (the locks the facility idiotically sell to all the customers can be raked open in about 2 seconds). In one unit I found tons of power tools, in the second unit I found $10,000+ racecar collectables, and in the 3rd unit I found $4-6,000 chest of antique silver silverware. From 9pm-2am (literally only 5 hours) I got nearly $20,000 worth of stuff. It’s crazy. (If you’re worried about signing multiple mini storage contract that all get broken into, just don’t rent a unit and sneak along behind somebody when they open the outside door at night) Never heard of anyone doing this but it’s a great plan. You probably don’t ever hear about it because they don’t ever catch the people.



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halfway_prince wrote

don't be a class traitor. steal from businesses not people.