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This site is used by LP and larpers so any time you read about a method or strategy people use to lift take it with a pinch of salt. A lot of the tactics people say they use on this site will increase your chances or getting caught ten fold. If someone talks about a way they lift and you've never done it be careful if youre going to try to replicate it and question everything! Some methods people post on here are just theory and they act like they've done it in the field when they haven't.



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atusim wrote

Agreed....a plain easy english this certain to have all kinds of ppl reading it...such as lp, phulice, shop owners such is better to be wary of mischievous behavior from those at the losing end of borrowing..


chris2c wrote

So where is a good place to get advise?


atusim wrote

there used to be a reddit...that was s good place...even this site is okay advise just have to be careful...try out some of the ideas given...but be prepared to dump items..and walk out empty case u notice any suspect behaviors around you...