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So I lifted from the store as mentioned above a week or so ago. Today I visited the same store which was probably the dumbest mistake I’ve made. I went in to check and see if they had something I was looking for but they didn’t, I was in and out in five minutes and didn’t take a thing. Upon leaving, I noticed an employee with her phone in the air presumably taking pictures. This is the first time this has happened to me. I’m nervous as hell as I’m not sure what to expect. Any advice on what to do?



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atusim wrote

f* walfart...just don't go there again..they most likely know of ur activities there..if they wanted to harm you they would already have done it..


Jackel198 wrote

They have cameras in the parking lot why would a employee need to take pictures of your car


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

As far as I know from the days when I used to work retail, employees are prohibited from following lifters. This is corporate policy so it applies to ALL store locations of a retailer. And employees means anyone not LP. This includes managers too. I've seen managers get suspended for running after customers leaving the store.

The policy makes sense because corporations would much rather lose merchandise than lose in a lawsuit from a hurt employee who got sliced by a lifter's knife.