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jesushitler1312 wrote

start small, try to improve gradually. never get too confident


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

This pretty much sums it up. Don't let stories of big lifts give you ideas about taking risks beyond your skill level. You'll get there when you get there.

Plus, vary your stores so as not to create a pattern. Not getting caught is the goal, and choosing your stores randomly will help ensure that stores don't have a clue about your lifts.


atusim wrote

just do it...just be sneaky & cunning about it..steal food items that are packed in flat packets..think cheese slices...chocolate they won't show through your clothes...go to a quiet aisle which doesn't have cameras if possible...shove items quickly into your underwear waist elastic..and ur two front pant pockets.. remember to stand behind a shopping cart..while hiding the items to avoid being seen.. remember to keep ur two front pants pockets empty b4 u walk into the store..