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GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

It's really bizarre when you get down to it: minimum wage employees caring about corporate merchandise that's only cost pennies on the dollar. If anything, they should rejoice that lifters take back some of what corporations steal every day from the working class.

That said, when someone works for a company there's a sense of belonging that's hard to recognize as bullsh!t and let go. From that sense employees feel that they should treat company merchandise as their own. It's all ridiculous bullsh!t of course but it takes some time to get above it.


atusim wrote

There's no telling what behaviors to expect from the staff...sometimes they act like they don't care if someone took something...sometimes they act like you took some personal valuables from them..sometimes they just want the borrower to suffer...I think if you looked physically intimidating that she wouldn't have chased you or called you out loudly...