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DontBeStupidCrimeSmart wrote (edited )

No those are 1,000% real and very high resolution that can zoom in so close to see you’re clogged pores perfectly….

Have you seriously never seen the monitors hanging in the entrance and exit that you can see the cameras are watching you


Demona OP wrote

Several “former Walmart LP” members here have said that these particular ones are fake, but that of course doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true, thus my question. These are not the ones that have a monitor nearby them. I’ve also put things in my bag in front of these types of cameras at about half a dozen different stores and have never had an issue, but that may have been luck on my part.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

The real question should be, is anyone actively watching WMart camera feeds or are they just being used to review an event AFTER it's happened?

There's no way to know unless you've worked as LP at WMart, but if most of them have just one LP on duty (who has to do floor walking, and paperwork, and watch dozens of camera feeds), the odds are heavily in our favor.


clonazepam wrote

I don’t remember exactly, but I found a fake camera at Walmart and it looked like this