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moonlune wrote

fire extinguishers, keyboards & mouses, books...


mofongo wrote

Don't steal from school kids.


[deleted] wrote


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

Commas are important.

Mofongo's saying not to steal from school children, not telling children not to steal from school.

I've only gone to public school, so nothing was worth stealing.


hunger wrote

you could pull a breaking bad and steal chem equipment... that shit's expensive and can be hard to get good stuff anon (sell to your local drug chemists :) )

it all depends on the school though, some are like prisons, but generally schools dont really think about security much, so u could probably get in when no one's around

idk good luck ig. Fuck schools. Dont get caught (dont get caught ON CAMERA too). Don't do anything too obvious while at school or ull get sent to maximum security school ;)

btw some school have been getting grants the last few years for buying tech bullshit like tablets and cheap laptops. So you could stock up on chromebooks, coreboot them n put a small slick linux distro and upsell to bougie privacy nerds, or take the ipads to sell on ebay or something. Really i dont know how well you can actually reset tablets though, they might be able to be shut down remotely. Ill let others answer on that. DYOR ofc.

happy pilfering


hunger wrote

i just realized i never answered the question

Ive never stolen anything of value from schools, just weird little things here and there (projector bulbs, books, tools, pens, random shit) opportunistically. But still i think overall theyre pretty good places to steal from since its not really their primary function, to look after shit. Their goal is teaching kids n keeping them in order.


DontBeStupidCrimeSmart wrote

There are a lot of things of value such as computers, laptops, MacBooks, iPads ect but....

If you’re doing this just for TikTok don’t be a dumbass as you’ll get caught either by camera or tracking devices