Submitted by weloo_ in axolotl

I have an electronics store downtown that I'd like to get into, as far as I can tell i have three options:

  • Drill the deadbolt on the glass front door
    • Seems too dangerous, and I don't know if I'll accidentally break the glass or something
  • Drill the deadbolt in the wooden back door
    • Probably this one
  • Somehow break the glass; the entire front and side is made of glass, if i can find a way to break it quietly is love to try this method

I'm not very experienced, so I'd love some suggestions on entry methods.



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Hide in the store before closing time and break out!

Be fast, there will probably be an alarm going off pretty fast. Maybe you can sneak around while the cleaning staff is there. Do more research. I know nothing. Good luck!


atusim wrote

I haven't done forcible breakins..only shoplifting... it seems like breaking the glass...then hiding for 10 minutes..then entering the facility for borrowing...seems to be the state the obvious there may be alarms triggered that may bring the cops to the store..


CICLUS wrote

I would say that you need more details about the store, the smallest details matter the most. From this post I would say that all these options are very risky and so when you steal the items, you need to sell them and preferably in a different city from the store as to not be tracked by serial numbers. Or you could see if any of the items that you steal have no activation safeguard and use them, such as laptops, or smart home devices. Maybe also try to get some more experience so that the plan is clear as to what you are going to do, and also get people to help you with the robbery. Idk.


2389d93dh wrote

Duct tape the glass and break it, thats a classic method(wear gloves cuz finger prints)

If you have a saw i would just cut a large enough hole in the wooden door