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atusim wrote

To answer 1 of your questions: >>Do they know the blind corners and watch for people who go there and act suspicious? You should assume that the staff does know about the blind spots & watch persons who go there. Bcoz the staff is usually there for many hours every day. The store may also have caught someone else in that blind spot before. So it is good practice to assume that staff knows more than you. Of course this doesn't mean that you cannot hide things in a blind spot, it means that you should be observant of people around the blind spot & also be really quick when hiding things..


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

The staff does not know any more about blind spots or the functionality of the cameras than the general public. Only LP would know all that.

Source: Myself. Worked for several retailers. None of them mentioned blind spots in our training. Cameras were never talked about either.

Really unless you're concealing in a very obvious way right in front of them, the staff most likely won't notice you. They have their own work to do and they don't mind not being bothered.