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atusim wrote

You're understanding of the walkout method is somewhat correct...but walking out of the store without getting caught or stopped is not that simple..while picking up the items u will have to ensure that there are no alarm tags, u will have to be careful of overhead cctv cameras so that no one sees you..also you will have to be careful that no other customers or undercover employees around become suspicious of your activities... there may also be some watchful employees lurking around near the exit...


Photia OP wrote

Assuming I hide my face well enough, change my clothes and not carry my personal phone around while targeting stores with a no touch policy I feel like it doesn't matter too much if they can see me if I just leave and know that the cameras will be hot on my ass?

Or am I not getting that right.

I don't want to boost stuff for personal use, I want to reflip things for cash.