Submitted by EgocomLad in axolotl

Spotted a card sticking out of an ATM as I was leaving a store, so I quickly snatched it. I don't think anyone saw me take it. This happened about an hour ago. How can I use it to my benefit with minimal risk? IDK the pin or if it may have already been cancelled.



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Stigmata wrote

My 2 cents: don't use it. It is basically directly stealing from someone who is more likely working class. If it was a credit card that maybe changes things, but with debit cards the cardholder is often liable for fraudulent transactions. Sure maybe it is some rich asshole's card, but what if it is a single mother working multiple jobs to put food on the table.


TasselhoffBurrfoot wrote

Don't use it. You don't know that person's circumstances. I would never steal from an individual tbh.