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free_appalachia wrote

Where do I sign up for felony charges? If you are walking out with $1500 and you need to double your profits that seems really sketchy. Not trying to be a dick, but this has entrapment written all over it.


extremecouponing wrote (edited )

"i get raped on rides" dude please don't use the word, "rape," so casually, it's upsetting, harmful, and triggering to all those who have actually lived that experience


throwaway wrote

I've worked full time in retail for a year, got pretty cozy behind the scenes and have a good idea of how things work around here. PM me and we'll see where this goes.


Saturn_turning wrote

PM me. I worked in retail for years and then began working at same/similar stores' distribution centers. This gave me a larger, clearer view of how a store functions.


Nobody7281 wrote

Pm me I work at target and know a lot about the asset protection they have at all target stores.


Thejuiceisworththesqueeze wrote

Interested in your method. I’ve been boosting for years and always looking for new methods.