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So the only two cons I can think of are a. They will know 100% theft was committed and be able to easily have video of it and b. That store and possibly the chain is burned for good. The second one doesn't really bother me. The first doesn't really either considering I'll be wearing a mask and taking some effort to disguise myself. I've been trying to do a little research about emergency exit doors because I have seen some that have a 15 second delay. These are call delayed egress exits and they MUST be identified as such. So I feel its safe to assume that if its not labeled as a delayed exit then it will open immediately.

Does anyone have any experience doing this or any input?



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Liftuplease wrote

Done it many times. Just have an accomplice waiting for you in a car with no plate. Grab what you want , go out the door, jump in the car and bye bye. They won’t have you on camera unless they were suspicious of you to begin with or they have a camera pointed at that exit. Drive a mile or so and pull behind a building and put the plate back on.


deckardsdream wrote (edited )

I would think there are definitely use cases for this but without a doubt they would be extremely situational. As always, gotta way risk vs reward in context to different strategies.
Make a list of risks/rewards and try to weigh them. Do this for each plan of action. Burn paper!