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Face1 OP wrote

Pretty positive, at least in my state, since one of the two agencies that oversee them is a Fire Marshall. I think they'd be risking some serious fines to not have one identified as such. I'm not opposed to going full drag to disguise myself either, I did it back in the spring and no body seemed to notice. As long as your route once you get out the door is vetted and you have someone competent driving.

I was hoping someone whose done it before would chime in with their experience.

And yeah I did consider testing the door first. Or having someone do it for me. Maybe offer a panhandler 5-10 bucks and then grab some stuff for them if I go through with it. Especially because there are a couple Academy that would be quick and easy to flee from.

Idk I'm just spit balling. I like going all out for a week or two then chillin for a bit.