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Notarookie wrote

Middle school first time lift means you aren't a natural aka go by dumb ass "rules" when there aren't're a clown, a poser, etc. My first lift from a store was at 4 years old out of instinct and was lifting regularly since elementary school, stealing watches and Gameboys etc from classmates backpacks

Knew something was off about you, youre just like the rest of these bozos who have been caught cuz they have no intuition or ability to read a situation naturally


Face1 wrote

Wat? If it don't apply let it fly. Not exactly sure what you are even trying to say but you are clearly trying to convince yourself that you are superior to all.

Eagerly awaiting your rage filled response.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

go by dumb ass "rules" when there aren't any

Amen to that! The only rule is Don't Get Caught!

It's sad, bordering on annoying, that everyone in society can have a keyboard these days. The result is this raddle. 99% of is absurd, and you have to sift through all that for the 1% of potentially useful information.