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celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

Which jammer?

There are many.


deckardsdream wrote

I would say going forums like nulled and looking around is your best bet.

Also people please yoos a vpn and like whonix or tails or something to obfuscate where you are accessing these site from. Stepping into the would of SE is stepping into the world of fraud, and stepping into the world of fraud can be a dangerous step if you don't know what you are doing.

That all said, maybe an opsec guide would be a good start. IRL opsec and digital opsec are two important things. It's less incriminating to talk about blending into crowds, then it is to talk about stealing. Just as it's not incriminating to say "use signal," versus "if you want to buy drugs from me message me via encrypted communications."


monday wrote

Yeah fucked up....

But in some countries the LP brings you to the back room and maybe kill you, no popo involved, maybe you are black, maybe you are orphan and live on the streets and nobody will search for you..

CW: torture

And even stray dogs in the parking lot and people who didn't steal anything but looks like they did...


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

Interesting, english seems to tilt back and forth like a child's see saw. Thanks for the further context; I think it's still racial charged in this moment of history, though the information is appreciated to me


randomthrowaway1312 wrote

okay homes you got me hyped.

i think this is all in our, the lurkers and readers hands. lets start taking about the topics that interest us.

gonna be punching out some posts on things i want to know and speak about, i encourage everyone to do the same