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Money is tight and i need food. i've only lifted a handful of times but i've never lifted groceries. i have mart with walls, kr0ger, and ALD! in my area. i feel like kr0ger or mart with walls would be the easiest because they're bigger but again, i've never lifted groceries. need advice



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BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

Very easy. Use a reusable bag, you even can steal this right from the store and rip the tags off, and go about your shopping, just fill it up and walk out. Alternatively, you can grab some plastic bags from self checkout or wherever and fill those up and leave. Either way, if you’re confident and calm you’ll be fine. Also check for extra tags on more expensive items, like organic spices, that set off the door towers.


itsanarchyagain OP wrote

do you suggest going during peak time or closer to when the store closes?


pixel wrote

I like going shopping when it's busy enough to ensure staff's attention is diluted but not so busy that another shopper might notice me.


ShitZealot wrote

Done it a thousand times, a busy Walmart is optimal for this.

All shops now have a reusable bag option, pick one of those up and pretend you just are using it as your cart. Fill it up and walk out.

Make sure you look presentable and shop normally as to not draw eyes on you at all. Avoid the electronics area. You’re just another grocery shopper.


celebratedrecluse wrote

[email protected]@rt checks reciepts; make either left hand, or bring an old reciept with you, to avoid problems.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

I don't think the suggestion of using a reusable bag as a shopping cart around the store would work without raising suspicion. I don't know anyone who does this.

I think the key to doing a walkout successfully is to bring empty reusable bags or some brand new store bags, shop with a shopping cart like a normal customer would, and bag your items somewhere close to the exit. Then walk out like you've already paid for them. I find it also helps if i have an old receipt in hand that greeters can see as i walk out. 99% chance they won't ask to see it. They'll just tell you to have a good day.


celebratedrecluse wrote

using a reusable bag as a shopping cart

It really depends on what you look like, what you pass like. People who will be profiled, who stick out in a crowd, will not get away with this. It also depends on what is common where you live; in some parts of Europe, and some parts of USA, it is apparently pretty common for paying customers to do this, but in other places it will immediately flag you as unusual.

I think your suggestion is more careful, and better.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Let's get real!

Nobody in the US or Canada carries a reusable bag around the store in lieu of a shopping cart or basket. All my life in North America, I think I would've seen THAT.

Aside from being unheard of, it's just too clumsy as it can get heavy awfully fast.


Alleyesonme wrote

I see it all the time at upper class/“natural” stores like Wh0le F00ds.