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I'm about to hit the felony limit in my state for things taken from Target and wondering if they could have possibly found who I am, I've never gone to the store in my own car don't have a felony record so their fingerprinting couldn't find me, don't bring my phone to the store as I don't own one,(when phones connect to wifi they have a specific identifier on the router) however, I almost always wear the same outfit when I go so it wouldn't be hard to link my cases together. I'm thinking of buying a wig and getting some radically different clothes from the thrift shop to break up whatever case they may have on me though the only way I could imagine they could find who I am would be tracking down the owner of a car I came in which wasn't mind then finding her friends/family getting pictures of them and then comparing faces and body types, i figure as long as they cant find my identity I'm safe enough.



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BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

If you’re close to the felony limit you ought to stop regardless of what Target is doing internally.


lawfulcitizen OP wrote

Ive also never paid with anything but cash at target however I've been with someone who has paid using methods linked to their identity, although I don't think i was shoplifting when i was with that person.