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polpotisevil2 wrote

The only tip I can give is don't go to Safeway if you are in the small area of NE that has them


Deadprezdreamsgetyours1 wrote

Study your area discreetly. Grocery stores in smaller areas are notorious for little security. Most is just props to intimidate. As long as you stick to drive by grabs of pricey items easily hidden you shouldn't have a problem. I lift from the local chain here daily. I haven't paid for steak,coffee, expensive hair products, spices or wine in years and years. Do your Intel while not lifting. Look around and being new it's not odd. New place and you just are looking for the soup aisle. Wear conservative clothing and a mask that says I love the flag or Blue lives shit. I even take Xmas cards to the employees at my local store that I stole from them. If you truly want to be able to save and or make money look at it like a skill and learn your skill. Know your strengths and your area