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LostYonder wrote

First question is - how do you know he is a pedophile? has there been a trial? how did he get off? publicity itself is usually enough to destroy one's career and family.

As for the car - steal some license plates to use briefly (put them on and change them just before and after when you know you aren't being followed) or drive near by with a bike (making sure there are no cameras where you park) then bike to where his car is parked and back. His gas tank is probably locked - be prepared to pry it open.



Set it on fire. More spectacular...


Pop wrote

They'd definitely track the car, you'd have to cover the plates at least


FederalBootyInspector wrote

Just walk or ride a bike like many others said. Or drive and park down the road.

Also if you get sparkplugs, there's a little ceramic bit inside of them that will break any car window you throw it at.


Majrelende wrote

I have no experience at all with any of this, but is it close enough to walk without being watched?