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Here is my first attempt at creating an audiobook. I kept the background music separate on this file, but it would be easier for me to keep it all as 1 track and just do it all live. I wanted a track without the music to be available upon request because I'm guessing that some people would find it distracting. I like having the music because it personally feels a little more "theatrical" because it seems more engaging to me. I did it all in 1 take. I'll upload an mp3 only to at one point.

I was inspired to read this piece because there is a discussion on the book at

I'm also going to have fun working on the graphics for it over time. You better bet I'm going to have more skeletons dancing around here!

The background music is all composed by Peter Gundry on a compilation called "1 Hour of Witch Fantasy Music | Dark, Light, Magical, Beautiful" and can be found here:

The background watermark cenemagraph was taken from this reddit post:



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