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Splinglebot wrote

How can you see birds, trees, skies, clouds and everything in this world and think the only possible explanation is some sort of god?


debored wrote

I don't follow. Why would that necessitate a God?


SomeIconoclast wrote

How does one acknowledge the existence of rape, slavery, murder, and exploitation and other sources of unnecessary suffering and walk out still believing in a being that is all knowing, all loving, and all powerful? For there to be such a being, there would have to be no suffering. So the god that monotheistic religions believe in either isn't all knowing, all loving, and/or all powerful or doesn't exist.


set_apart_messenger wrote

There’s your answer : Now you know the thought process behind it


SomeIconoclast wrote (edited )

When your religion is apparently worth spreading, but not defending with your own words.

Well, folks, you heard it here! According to Christianity; rape, slavery, and murder are freedom; explains quite a bit of history, really. Dying from disease is freedom, dying from hunger is freedom, poverty is freedom, imprisonment is freedom. Suppressing the freedom of another human being is freedom; God wants every human to be free, though. God allows these things, because he's all-good, all powerful, and all knowing; he'll also condemn you to an eternal pit of fire and suffering because you didn't believe in the existence that he hasn't sufficiently proven or if you believe in a different god. But he loves you.


Splinglebot wrote

The problem with the "god wanted us to be free" argument is that abusers take away the freedom of others. When it comes to abuse, non-intervention on the grounds of "free will" is siding with the free will of the abuser over the free will of the victim.

What kind of person who values freedom would see someone being raped or enslaved and say "well I can't intervene because that would violate the rapist's free will"? If there's an all powerful deity who doesn't intervene because of "free will" then they're clearly only interested in freedom for oppressors, which is no freedom at all. I have a hard time considering such a god to be "all-loving".


mofongo wrote

I have to admit that I had my doubts until Trump revealed himself as the one chosen by God and King of the Jews. My eyes opened and I realized how wrong I was about everything, suddenly things started to make sense. He is the second coming of Christ and I regret not noticing the obvious signs.

Sadly, no church near me wants to accept his sanctity, some even call him the anti Christ. But God revealed himself to me through Trump and I believe with all my heart that Trump will bring us to the kingdom of God.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

For all I know, the birds and the trees and the skies and the clouds are simply patterns in the senses which follow logical paths. There is therefore no sensible thing outside myself, so why should I believe something outside myself created it?

Many dreams are just as beautiful, if even more so; they follow different patterns, but dream and waking are both of the same nature if you observe them from an empirical point of view— patterns in the senses which follow logical paths.

There is no reason to believe causation exists outside of “the world”, as you should probably understand. In “the world”, we can see lines of cause and effect between things— for example, the deposition of water on earth eventually caused life to flourish on it— but as we go farther and farther in on the line of causation, it gets to a point where either infinity or non-causation is the case— but if all of the sensible world is within me, I see no reason to believe in something outside of me that created me or anything else.


Bezotcovschina wrote (edited )

What kind of God? How many? Why they watches on me when I wank?


acr2d wrote

I once saw an video of an owl taking and devouring a baby falcon (eagle?) from the nest. Are you sure that there is some God behind the scenes?