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DissidentRage wrote

I nearly fell victim to one of these when I was in high school. It was I think my sophomore year so 15 years ago. They didn't tell you exactly what it was, but they told you there was an after-school program you could go to that was fun.

It ended up being a church, where one of the first things they did was bring in all the kids to the atrium while the guy who showed up at the school started preaching and asking if anyone was having a hard time and to turn to Jesus. Already being religious at the time and having been fighting off depression for years without help it tapped into something in me.

Fortunately whatever it was didn't last very long. After a few months I realized what they were doing was wrong and an attempt to drum up support for their church and to get the kids to buy church merchandise under the guise of free ice cream and the prospect of emotional support.

It wasn't long after that when I started referring to myself as a deist instead.