Check out this bizarre photograph of impressionist artist, Edgar Degas

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Impressionism was a funky hipster anti-establishment hipster movement of its time.

Impressionist era was the first time in Western Art History when women were allowed to be a part of the collective.

Women were still treated like livestock in that era though. Being a bigot racist seemed to be a fashion statement, too.

Edgar Degas was the biggest asshole of the impressionist club. He died alone, and he regretted being alone, but he was just a miserable person.

In the later years of his life, he became a huge racist. It estranged him from his buddies (the crew) renoir, manet, Pissaro, etc. He just spends his final years literally walking around in a daze. That's all he did.

He grew up very wealthy. When his father died he was poor because they had to pay off his debts, and then he started painting all those ballerinas and prostitutes. He was a big patron. He started making monies.

One thing about him though was that he was very strict about the other guys selling out. He really put his foot down. Like when Renoir sold out and started doing portraits for the rich people he wouldn't let him participate in the collective shows anymore.

It's possible he was just a strange miserable asshole.

It's interesting that he specialized in making such delicate paintings.

At one point in his old age he said that he felt trapped inside a world of pastels.

What is going on in this wacky photograph though?

He was an old guy here. I wonder who those people are?

This almost looks like a religious painting.

Look at those two little boys at the bottom. They are like bowing to him. Everyone is facing him. He's not standing up though, he's sitting down. He's also looking down. He's slumped over, and bored. Yet, he's kind of the center of attention.

He's surrounded by people who are catering to him, and yet he's all alone.

What a bizarre photograph.



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ziq wrote

It's like the disconnect between the wealthy class and their fellow humans. His life must have been so empty and meaningless towards the end.