Your leftist org needs a poster/flyer? I can help!

Submitted by chavermates in art (edited )

Not sure where to post this, but I'm offering to help leftist organizations with agitprop material on a pay-what-you-can (PWYC) basis.

I have been making a number of flyers and posters for a couple of socialist and queer groups in my hometown for the last few years.
Now, I'm broke af and I need a side gig to help me stay afloat, so I'm taking to the Internet to offer my services.

I'm not a designer, but you don't have a budget: it's a perfect match!
PM me if you're interested, or add me on Telegram (same username).

Take a look at the samples below. They're all recent stuff I've made, but with all potentially identifying information genericized to ward off nazi trolls.

Don't let the rich fool you: Tabloid (11x17") poster for an anti-racist syndicalist campaign

Did you just say socialism? Tabloid (11x17") poster for a conference about socialism

Islamophobia: Half-letter (8.5x5.5") three colour flyer for a conference on campus



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