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Submitted by untitled in art (edited )

  • Title: Maybe the Muse
  • Medium: Oil on canvas, with some glitter
  • Dates: Started in August 2017, finished by late November 2017
  • Info: This was a quick painting for me, came out very different than what I expected. My intention was to do a monochromatic painting, but didn’t quite get there. The stars in the sky are actually pieces of silver glitter, so when light hits it, the stars shine 😃

Let me know what you think, what I could have done better, your feedback is much appreciated. (imgur because coinsh keeps crapping out on me)


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Makes me wonder what you were trying to do with it.

I like what you did with the Muse's legs.


untitled wrote

thanks Tequila_Wolf. the original plan was to do a painting of the goddess inanna standing outside the gates of babylon. it morphed considerably.


Infinity wrote

Nice rendering on the breasts. I also like the background purple violet.

I'm curious how come you chose to paint this with oil vs acrylic paints? This painting seems more suited towards an acrylic medium.

Now that it's dry you can go over it again and do more rendering. You can use a gel medium to add texture, and you can use a glaze in the background.

Is this a painting about someone who is homeless scoring opiates in the city in a dark alley, and then blasting off to the moon?

I would like to see the woman be more ethereal, and possibly less detailed. She has a 2D look like a religious gothic painting, and I would like to see her alluding more to that type of image considering the context. It's like two worlds. Real, and otherworld. The early Christian gothic archetypes are painted like that in two-dimensional style because they are otherworldly beings. They are not human. They are from other realms somehow elevated from us. Muse is like drugs. Drugs are like religion. These are all transformative concepts that relate to each other.

I'm not sure if her feet are roots or if they are ghost legs. If they are roots I would like to see them sprawled out more as well as less muddy in the colors. If they are ghost legs then that is different and I think it relates more to the context of the image. If they are ghost legs, which seems to make more sense, then I would want them to be higher and possibly dissipate more. You can go over it in layers with the oil. Perhaps you can go back with some medium.

The colors are a bit muddy. It seems like you are using straight black and white. Mixing color is an art in itself. Mixing opposites together create a "black" that is more consistent with the rest of the colors used in the painting. Since this is oil painting then this can be the base layer, and you can go back over it after it dries. I don't see any texture in this painting, so I'm assuming this is the base layer.

I'm curious how come the artist chose to work with oil paints instead of acrylic paints? It feels like this painting has been handled as if it were painted with acrylics.


untitled wrote

Infinity, thanks for the detailed critique. i very much appreciate it!

i chose oil over acrylic simply because that’s what i paint in…i don’t have any acrylic paints, just oils. to be honest, i’ve never even tried acrylics. might be time to explore that a bit.

the subject matter of the painting started as being from sumerian & babylonian myths, specifically the goddess inanna standing outside the gates of babylon. the ishtar (inanna) gate to be specific. it’s something that came over from the painting i did before it, which was an attempt at modernizing the myth about inanna descending into the underworld. that one came out ok, and the focus on sumerian myths continued into this one, though this ended up turning into something entirely different. i called it “maybe the muse” because i asked myself who on earth this woman is, and was asked that by people around me also. the only thing i could think of was that maybe it’s the mythical muse.

the two worlds concept you mention is something i’ve had in the back of my head for a while now, and it’s something i’ve tried in a way to show in this painting, the one before it, and the one i’m working on now. the idea of a multiverse, and us only being privy to 3, maybe 4 dimensions, as humans is interesting to me. i tried to represent that with the male figure in this one, how his arms & shoes are in this world, but the rest of him is the same color as the sky, like he’s not really here fully. you could pass through him, and through the wall behind him right into the open sky.

her feet are also meant to be ethereal, like she’s materializing in this spot for now, as well as her arm. they do seem like roots to me as well, but i liked the look of it so didn’t do much else to it.

I am sorry for the quality of the picture, just have my phone camera to work with and this was something i thought might be a hinderance in critiques. i actually used no black on this painting at all. for her dress, i used ultramarine and sap green, and for the other dark areas i used burnt umber and ultramarine to get the black color. the only white used was for the moon. i tried to make this painting as smooth as possible, since most of my paintings in the past have been very thick with paint, giving a lot of texture. all of my paintings in the past have had a very cartoonish look, and i’m trying to pay more attention to technique to get past that cartoon look, but it did come out looking super flat as a result. i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong, but the depth is not there. i’m noticing that in the piece i’m working on now as well and trying to figure out a solution.


ziq wrote (edited )

That's a really thorough critique of their work. You pointed out a lot of things that I didn't even notice.


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

I'm no art critic, but I think it looks really nice. The sky is absolutely beautiful!


(imgur because coinish keeps crapping out on me)

what kind of crap is it pulling?


untitled wrote (edited )

thanks, i appreciate that :)

coinsh uploads for a while, gets to about 7%, then ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. doesn't matter what size file i'm sending up it seems.


jadedctrl wrote

huh. it's timing out, I'd assume...?

how long does it usually go before failing?


untitled wrote (edited )

yeah, i'm pretty sure it's hitting a timeout and then closing the connection. it takes about 2 minutes before the connection resets (2.1mb file). i see a lot of stuff here that gets uploaded to it, so i'm sure the issue has got to be something on my end.


jadedctrl wrote

huh, that's weird. I hope you get that figured out. `o`

(errr, if you don't mind me asking, what area do you live in? do you use a proxy, VPN, or Tor? you should respond with a PM)