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yam wrote

Yes, specifically graphics and multimedia software, and with a focus on developer tooling:

The Synfig team is completing the migration from autotools to CMake

Good for them, I guess?

Now that Inkscape 1.1 alpha is out for everyone to take for a spin, I’m positive we are not so far from the final release. There is a lot packed into the coming update, see the draft of the release notes. I’m really looking forward to whatever they have planned for when 1.1 is out, there is still so much to do!

Okay, well, how about a summary of those release notes then? This gives me no clue.

And why do I need to know that an application for astronomical image processing has "completely rewritten image conversion, revamped memory management"? Sorry, I didn't find this a relevant write-up.

So much interesting (in my opionion) current free/libre software buzz:


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yam wrote

Fair enough. But still... the art of astronomy? The art of text editing?

I use many of these apps, and the writing style bothered me. It's basically "stuff was improved" or "new stuff was added" over and over. Well, what was improved or added, and why was that important?

What do we learn about Ardour and MyPaint in these sections?:

The development of Ardour 7.0 is going strong but we might still see another 6.x release with fixes and small improvements before the major update happens.

I think it’s safe to say that we might see MyPaint 2.0.2 later this year with some new features and quite a few bugfixes. There haven’t been much groundbreaking development since 2.0.1 released in May 2020.