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celebratedrecluse OP wrote

Ardour? or others?

I'm trying to learn more about FOSS production software. My ex in fact laughed at me when I asked them about the FOSS alternatives to typical proprietary stuff (FL, Live, etc), as I respected their personal knowledge and they've had more access to the field than I have. "There's nothing", they said, and I felt stupid for asking at all. Any pointers on this field, would be very welcome, I would love to learn more :)


ordinaryDrain wrote

ardour and lmms and audacity lol
though i prefer using hardware ;P


MHC wrote

Sure there is. But you have to find it. And then you need to work out how to use it. The FOSS stuff isn't well-documented. But it exists.


CameronNemo wrote

Ardour is good for tracking and mixing of music that is performed live (all together or single instruments layered on top of one another).

LMMS is better for electronic music, where you need to use loops and other EDM focused features.

There are quite a few plugin suites and synthesizers. Calf is a good collection.

I think there is something called hydrogen drums for creating percussion loops.

Ubuntu Studio has a lot of great documentation. Even if you don't use the distro it can be helpful.


MHC wrote

I dislike all the "We'll sell your soul to the highest bidder!".

What's "FL"?

I've written software in BASIC, PROLOG and C++.


celebratedrecluse OP wrote

Fruity Loops, or at least it was formerly known as that name. A production suite, like Live 10